LECTURE | Building Multiple Plots and Keeping Track(s), an interactive fiction lecture by Tommy Ventevogel

Thursday, June 3rd, 20:00 - 21:30
ZOOM Lecture, Tickets: € 4,00

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What happens when you let your text grow wild? How do you deal with input from the crowd, from stakeholders and from your own impulses? Is the end of “killing your darlings” and what are the consequences?!

In this lecture, writer Tommy Ventevogel will go into writing interactive fiction, game-scripts, rhizomatic writing and exploring techniques to keep track there. We discuss meaning, worldview(s) and next level authorship (or the abandonment of authorship). Let’s build!

This lecture is accessible through Zoom. After you’ve purchased a ticket, you will be sent a link to the meeting and the password.


Tommy Ventevogel writes for theatre, games and graphic novels. He is known for the mixture of modern expressionism with sci-fi and hip-hop culture in his writing. In 2012 he graduated Writing for Performance (HKU) and has been building worlds ever since.

Tommy also hosted a course in Sci-Fi & Fantasy writing at SKVR recently and is always ready to talk metamodernism, spindoctoring politics and mastering "gezelligheid".

︎ tommyventevogel.nl

This is the second collaborative program of Roodkapje’s Hamburger Communities of Art and Live. ‘Once Upon a Time…’ takes the wonderful world of HCA-artist Danielle Hoogendoorn as a point of departure. As Hoogendoorn creates paintings and sculptures in which animals take the lead, magical, absurd and real scenario’s intertwine. They are fairy tales in themselves, both in narrative construction and aesthetics, balancing on the boundaries of art, kitsch, and dark humour. Focussed on the fairy tale, both in its historical and contemporary appearance, Once Upon a Time… provides a range of events going deeper into human-animal relationships, (non-linear) storytelling, and laying bare structures of transformation, imagination and wonder.

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