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Lodewijk is 24-year-old born and raised, proud Rotterdammert. Graduated from the ‘Theatherhavo/vwo’, Lodewijk studied dance at Codarts for 2 years before going in a different direction. After his departure from Codarts, Lodewijk performed at DOX, started organising parties such as NOCHE and LÓlÓ’S DISCO TOKO, and develop as a freelance performer and clubkid. In this role he hosted, organised, performed and acted as doorbitch for various parties and events. During this time he also developed his alter ego LÓLÓ VON DYK. With the HCL residency, Lodewijk is taking a step away from the spotlight and will focus on organising and curating live events. “I want to learn how to make my concepts come to life, and to be a good programmer, organiser, and partyguru.” During his time at the HCL, Lodewijk will try to find a way to combine all his interests and talents into one big creation.

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